With the horse……

Ackermann, a pupil of Egon von Neindorff and successful dressage rider up to the highest classes and renowned horse instructors, has put his profound knowledge and experience into a long-term guide. Here is fine riding unspectacular, but with a lot of expertise. Only the classic, nature-oriented horsemanship is horse-friendly for Ackermann. What this means is presented by the author in five chapters, which are supplemented by numerous well-selected photos and cleverly selected quotes from important personalities. His remarks start with the basics (including seat, hand, thigh) and lead up to the Grand Prix lessons. Cleverly, he combines in his training concept, the four phases of work from the H.Dv.12 (Army Service Regulation, ID-G 18/17) with the training scale. Understandable, clear, fabulous. A second level describes the training and development of his Hanoverian Scirocco, from miserable presented auction horse to serene Grand Prix horse. A worthwhile read for as many riders as possible.

Source review: 15. April 2019, ekz-Informationsdienst, Reutlingen Germany, Ulrich Isigkeit

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Brand New!!! – english version – now available as e-book

In harmony and balance with the horse – this is every rider’s dream. Physical and
mental balance are the fundamental prerequisites for a sound partnership of animal
and human on any equestrian level.
There is, however, also the opposite: Why do we see so many beautiless images of
animals in Rollkur and with unclean gaits? Voices criticizing today’s equestrian sport
and training methods geared toward quick successes are getting increasingly loud. Is
this criticism justified? How can we turn the tide in the horse’s favor?
Let us start with ourselves! Christoph Ackermann explains how we can bring any
horse – healthily and happily – to its respective top performance by schooling the
correct balance, handling the horse with affection, and applying consistent, systematic
training according to the Training Scale.
Christoph Ackermann himself actively competes in equestrian sports. In this book, he
presents a courageous and searingly honest critique of the established way the sport
operates, which will give any horse lover food for thought.

The ISBN number is: 978-3-95847-324-9 – price 19,90 € – available at amazon.com

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“With the horse” – The book … will be published in March 2019 on Equitana

Harmony with the partner horse and the joy of movement up to the highest dressage lessons – this is still the ideal of riding, but the reality is often different. The natural facilities of the horse are not cultivated in patient, well thought-out work, but rather lessons are to be worked out quickly and the movements of motion are as spectacular as possible for the viewer. Horses which are ill with body and psyche are often the result. Christoph Ackermann opposes this with love and empathy, systematics and unconditional precision in the equestrian work. The pupil of the famous riding master Egon von Neindorff wants to encourage all readers who want a nature-oriented education and harmonious riding not to be swayed by the circulating half-knowledge and to go their way by horse. or this he gives them a clear, reliable framework for their daily work: The classical principles of the old masters, which are conveyed here in a very understandable way, apply from the first steps in the training of the Remonte and provide lightness still in the most difficult lessons such as piaffe, passage or gallop pirouettes.

The training of Ackermann’s own Hanoverian “Scirocco” also proves that this book can serve as a valuable guide to an entire equestrian life. Parallel to the main text, it is vividly explained how the gelding matures over the years thanks to systematic training from a lanky young horse to a healthy, successful dressage professional. The numerous excellent photos of the elaborately designed ribbon teach impressively what satisfied horses look like under the saddle, namely powerful and relaxed at the same time.

Please note: At the moment it is available in German

Pre-order at the preferential price of OLMS Verlag is possible here!

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Tressa invited me to do my first riding seminar in California…….


Tressa Boulden is practicing flying change at every 4th stride – very straight, precise and correct.


And Tressa’s recession in FB was the following: 

Christoph Ackermann is a keeper of the grail of the principles of Classical riding and horsemanship. His teaching brings us to the finer points of riding, and reminds how to best work with our equine counterpart in a more refined manner. He gets 5 stars! Christoph is patient and brings a touch of humour to his students to bring them at ease.. We thoroughly enjoyed bringing him here to California, and plan to on a regular basis.


Lia Scott visited this seminar as spectatur and listener.

She posted the following nice article aout this event:
A Day With Christoph Ackermann


Thank you for all your support


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Recommendation and statement by Liv Tolsager, Denmark

Mister Ackermann posess both the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills to educate Horses, and their riders, to the highest level. The teaching and knowledge of Egon von Neindorff is always present in the work of Mr. Ackermann. He teaches the classical Principles of Dressage with precision, calmness, knowledge, passion, correctness and always with the wellbeing of the horse in the foreground. My deepest recommendation of Mr. Ackermann as a trainer to all riders who truly wish to learn the craftmanship and art of classical Dressage.

-Liv Tolsager, Denmark-

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Condé Workshops 2017

8. – 9. July – Miltenberg (places are available yet) (GER)
29. – 30 July – Malmö (SWE)
5. – 6. August –  Copenhagen (DEN)
25. – 27. August – Zürich (CH)
1. – 3. September Balearen (ES)
9. – 11. September – close to Potsdam (GER)
30.9.  01. Oktober – Springe, close to Hanover
14. – 15. Oktober – Region Bodensee (GER)
20. – 21. Oktober – Worms (GER)
28. –  29. Oktober Zürich (CH)
17. – 19. November Tirol (AUT)
09. – 10. Dezember St. Gallen (CH)

for further information, please feel free to contact us: info@conde-reitseminare.de
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Training close to Copenhagen, last weekend

The correct seat is the basic of all good riding “with the horse” and not against it. In the calssical sense of riding it’s a whole system which has to work, if you want to get harmony between horse and rider. Only if you have the cooperation of the back of your horse (only than) you can start to flex the hanches. For getting this status it needs tons of correct riding without tipps and tricks and work for both parties. But this work is never ever against the horse, because it’s our work to make us understandable for our horse and it is NOT the job of the horse to understand inconsequent and therefore inconsistence aids of the rider!

Copenhagen May 2017, Liv and Figo

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