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With the Horse!

As a third-generation dressage rider, successful dressage competitor on the German national and international circuit, instructor, consultant and author – Christoph Ackermann lives and breathes dressage. Ackermann was introduced to the classical approach early on. As a teenager, he showed so much promise that he became a student of the renowned Egon von Neindorff in Karlsruhe when he was 14 years old. At home, he studied under Reitmeister (German Riding Master) Fritz Tempelmann, Reitmeister Günter Festerling and classical instructor Gert Schwabl von Gordon. For three decades Ackermann studied the art of classical horsemanship under master Egon von Neindorff and rode in von Neindorff’s classical riding presentations in Karlsruhe.

There, master student Ackermann got infused with a love for classical horsemanship, which still permeates his riding, thinking, and teaching to this day. Christoph Ackermann’s philosophy – in the von Neindorff tradition – focuses on working ‘with’, not ‘against’ the horse. The horse’s wellbeing and harmony between horse and rider are Ackermann’s priority. He defines success as his students’ ability to create this harmony, which is the basis for keeping horses mentally and physically sound and for all gymnastication that considers the nature of the horse. “Help your horse do the right thing, and don’t get in the way.” Whether beginner, intermediate, advanced, or professional rider – Ackermann listens and takes the time to understand the student’s personal goals

His seminars and private lessons center around the classical training scale and support the student in all riding disciplines, including up to the highest levels of dressage. As a recipient of the FN Golden Riding Badge (Goldenes Reitabzeichen) and an avid competitor in the dressage ring, Ackermann can relate to the challenges that today’s riders face and provide solutions based on sound expertise, empathy, and love for the horse.

As his schedule allows, Christoph Ackermann is available for presentations, seminars, and interviews. Please contact Christoph at his email address below for inquiries and schedule.
Publications (in German)

  1. “Mit dem Pferd” (With the Horse), Olms, March 2019
  2. “Auf der Suche nach dem Gleichgewicht“ (The Quest for Balance), Crystal, November 2020
  3. Numerous articles in German equestrian magazines on the art of classical riding.
    Seminars & Instruction

    More information: https://pferdekult.de/christoph-ackermann
    Contact: CondeRidingUSA@gmail.com