Condé Internet Lesson

Now it is possible to have your horse moved according to my instructions via the Internet. I can give professional riding lessons via a Zoom Meeting. The requirements for that are: The rider dials into the ZOOM meeting with the phone and only hears the sound, A second person downloaded the ZOOM app on his mobile phone and joined the session in the „Video“ mode. He / she is filming! And the rider hears my commands or instructions. At the end of the riding lesson, which is 45 minutes long, the rider will receive the recording for self-examination. The Zoom Meeting, with the associated login information, will be set by me beforehand and sent by email.

To make this virtuel lesson happen, I need your complete contact data and suggestions when it could fit for you. Please send these data to my e-mail adress:

The costs are 85€ (about 100$ plus bank transfer costs) per 45 minutes. A trail lesson costs 60€.

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